Gerber Property Management

Gerber Property Management is the rental division of Gerber Homes, a quality home builder based in Ontario, NY.  The company was founded by Norm and Bruce Gerber.

The three apartment communities owned by Gerber Property Management were built within the past 15 years, with the exception of the beautifully renovated barn which serves as one of the buildings at Seven Hearths Homestead. That barn is all that remains on the site of a homestead which became part of the underground railroad in the 1800’s.

The renovation of the barn at Seven Hearths, and the construction of the other buildings in the communities, have been done with the same quality construction and eye for detail that has earned the company many awards and much recognition in the new home construction industry. Come take a look at one of our attractive apartments located in scenic, natural settings that provide our tenants with comfortable, relaxing country apartment living.