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Tired of Renting but Homeownership is just not an option for you now?

Are you tired of apartment living, but not interested or currently able to own your own home? Would you like to own your own home in the future? Would you like to be building home equity towards the purchase of the home of your dreams?

Maybe you're not yet ready to commit to a new house. Maybe you've talked to lenders and are just trying to pay off those last minute credit cards. Maybe you don't have the financial profile suitable for a new loan...

That's why Gerber Homes has designed a unique program that we are offering to all of our patrons that are renting one of our apartments. 

While you're building your financial profile, you'll be living in one of our attractive apartments  - and yet Gerber Homes will offer a $100 Credit for every month that you rent from one of our 4 Apartment Complexes (up to $2400) that can be used towards the purchase of any Newly Constructed Gerber Built Home.

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